We incorporate a cataphoresis line

The new plant has an electrodeposition paint line, which allows the pieces to be given an anticorrosive coating, complying with the requirements of the automotive terminals.

The cataphoresis line is fully automated with recipes according to the desired specifications of each product.

Main features:

  • Load baskets capacity: 1600 high x 2900 long x 800 wide.
  • Triple degreasing with high temperature rinses.
  • Activation and phosphatizing for grain size adjustment, giving an optimum mordant for the adhesion of the paint.
  • High power rectifier controlled by PLC to obtain the desired layer thickness for each product.
  • Permeate with ultrafiltrate to recover all the remaining paste and resin.
  • High efficiency 7-station oven with three-position automatic extraction system.
  • On-site process control laboratory.
  • Effluent plant according to OPDS requirements.
  • Pretreatment and painting supplies with PPG technology.

This new cataphoresis plant will allow us to provide services to other companies such as industries, metallurgical, agribusiness, automotive terminals, etc.

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